Who we are

Kaña started as a joint venture between Roberto Orofino and the brothers Alejandro and Andres Vega. They wanted to create a bar with similar ambience to the ones found in Spain. These bars serve small food portions called Tapas.

So what are tapas?

The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”, a cognate of the English top. Before the 19th century, European roads were in bad condition and Spain was no exception. Inns, called posadas, albergues, or bodegas, grew up along the roads, offering meals and rooms. Since few innkeepers could write and few travellers read, inns offered their guests a sample of the dishes available, on a “tapa” (the word for pot cover in Spanish).

According to The Joy of Cooking, the original tapas were thin slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips. This was a practical measure meant to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry. The meat used to cover the sherry was normally ham or chorizo, which are both very salty and activate thirst. Because of this, bartenders and restaurant owners created a variety of snacks to serve with sherry, thus increasing their alcohol sales. The tapas eventually became as important as the sherry.

Tapas represent a Spanish style of eating and a way of life adaptable to America. As a result of their informal and creative potential, Tapas are as varied as the chefs who create them. To eat Tapas-style is to eat by whim, free from rules and schedules.Tapas are ideal for those who love to have a good time while enjoying good food.

Since Kaña opened in downtown manhattan many years ago, this restaurant/lounge has been very succesful in its implementation of this piece of the spanish culture into the American lifestyle. We have transformed the area on this side of Manhattan, incorporating deejay latin parties and events which have been as popular as the tapas themselves.

The ambience and decoration only add to the delight and enjoyment of the food served in this place. Brick walls and dim lighting dominate the ambience which is accompanied by Latin music in the background which just adds icing on the cake.

You’re welcome to come and enjoy a piece of Spanish culture in this cozy romantic place.